Advocating for mental health and families since 1977 


NAMI Alameda County

After many years of operating as part of the Mental Health Association of Alameda County, on February 9, 2012, NAMI Alameda County was incorporated as a separate California non-profit organization. NAMI Alameda County is remains an affiliate of NAMI California and NAMI National.


2015 Board of Directors

President -Peggy Rahman; Vice President Community Education-Austra Gauger; Vice President Operations -Ixayanne Baez;  Secretary - Sherri Millick; Treasurer - Beverly Bergman; Patty Espeseth - member;  Rebecca Banta - member.



NAMI Alameda County is funded by membership contributions and proceeds from the annual SF Bay Area NAMI Walk. 




TO support for families and friends, sharing experience and knowledge, enabling families to maintain control of their lives and to assist their ill family members.

TO EDUCATE...families and others about the nature of mental illnesses, and to encourage research into their causes and treatment.

TO OFFER...information on community resources, mental health law, and the  mental health service system.

TO ENCOURAGE...inclusion of familiy members in planning for the care and treatment of their relatives.

TO ADVOCATE...for improved services for persons with disabling mental illness, and to suggest and support legislative efforts and address their needs.

TO ERADICATE...stigma, remove prejudice, and attain community acceptance of mental disorders as serious illness-rather than failings of character.




MONTHLY EDUCATIONAL MEETINGS are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Authorative speakers provide information on such topics as:  medications, research, schizophrenia, bipolar illness, housing options, family coping techniques, social security benefits.

SUPPORT GROUPS meet in different parts of Alameda County.  These are generally small groups, which allow families or consumers to share experiencs and provide mutual support.

A LIBRARY of books, pamphlets, articles and tapes is availabe for loan, at the Mental Health Association office, 954 60th Street, Suite 10, Oakland.

INFORMATION AND REFERRALS are provided to anyone trying to help a mentally ill relative or friend through the Family Caregiver Advocacy and Support Program.

STATE AND NATIONAL NETWORK - NAMI Alameda County members are also enrolled as members of NAMI California and NAMI National and receive their newsletters.

NAMI California maintains an office in Sacramento, links together support groups throughout the State, educates the public about mental illness, and monitors mental health legislation.

NAMI National, with offices in Virginia, coordinates the work of the family groups nationally.  NAMI National monitors legislation, provides an national newsletter, educational materials and engages in public education education programs to improve services for people with mental illness and to eradicate stigma.

For more information, write or call NAMI Alameda County at 954-60th Street,  Suite 10, Oakland CA 94608.  Telephone: 510-835-5010.